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Should I be eating more fiber?

High-grade cancer that’s still confined to the prostate is generally treated surgically. But a third of the men who have their cancerous prostates removed will experience a rise in blood levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA). This is called PSA recurrence. And since detectable PSA could signal the cancer’s return, doctors will often treat it by irradiating the prostate bed, or the area where the gland used to be.

In February, Dr. William U. Shipley and his colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital reported that radiation is a more effective treatment for PSA recurrence when given in combination with androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT). ADT interferes with the body’s ability to make or use testosterone, which is the hormone (or androgen) that makes prostate tumors grow more aggressively. It targets rogue cancer cells in the body that escape radiation.
Here’s what the study found

The newly published study randomly assigned 760 men with detectable PSA after surgery to one of two group…

Eat only every other day and lose weight?

The alternate-day fasting thing is very popular right now. This gist of it is, basically, feast and famine. You starve one day, then feast the next. Proponents claim that this approach will lead to weight loss, as well as a number of other benefits.

As a physician researcher, this annoys and alarms me. I preach sensible intake of real foods as part of a lifelong approach to health. I also depend on scientific evidence to guide my counseling. So, I welcomed this yearlong study comparing alternate-day fasting with more common calorie restriction.
Some data on alternate-day fasting

Researchers divided 100 obese study volunteers (mostly African-American women, without other major medical issues) into three groups:

    one group followed an alternate fasting plan, which meant on the fasting day they would eat only 25% of their caloric needs and on the non-fasting day they’d eat a little bit more (125% of their caloric needs per day)
    a second group ate 75% of their caloric needs per day, eve…

Safe injection sites and reducing the stigma of addiction

It’s the end of the school year, the time of graduation speeches, of looking back at accomplishments and making plans for new ones. It’s a time when many parents think about their hopes and dreams for their children, whether they are graduating or just learning to walk.

As parents, we tend to think about getting good grades, excelling at athletics, being popular, getting into good schools, and getting good jobs. All of this is great, of course. But there is something that children need if they are going to truly succeed in life, and that’s resilience.

Resilience is the ability to overcome hardship and be okay. It’s the ability to navigate life’s inevitable bumps and still be happy and healthy and stay on track. What worries me sometimes is that our current parenting culture of achievement and obsessing over safety — and the way that electronic devices have become so ubiquitous — may get in the way of learning resilience.

According to Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, t…

What is addiction?

Many people consider addiction to be a problem of personal weakness, initiated for self-gratification and continued because of an unwillingness or lack of sufficient willpower to stop. However, within the medical and scientific communities, the notion that pleasure-seeking exclusively drives addiction has fallen by the wayside. Clinicians and scientists alike now think that many people engage in potentially addictive activities to escape discomfort — both physical and emotional. People typically engage in psychoactive experiences to feel good and to feel better. The roots of addiction reside in activities associated with sensation seeking and self-medication.

People allude to addiction in everyday conversation, casually referring to themselves as “chocolate addicts” or “workaholics.” However, addiction is not a term clinicians take lightly. You might be surprised to learn that until the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5), the term addicti…

Vita Health Tips to know

Let me just say it was a real struggle figuring out I wanted to feel with like the viewers the background but then the lighting was all under my desk was messy so I didn’t want to have that as a background. So here we are, I’ve got my studio lights up to help support me so I’m hoping that this video turns out okay.
Anyways, as you can see for the title today I’m going to be doing a video all about how to do well at university so I’m going to be talking more about the academic side of things. So once I’ve always talking about the social aspects and the partying on my channel, so I thought I’d bring it back a little and actually give some academic advice. I’m going to be discussing study tips, ways to get organized how to keep on top of things.
So if you’re looking forward to the video, make sure the thumbs up button if you are an idea I would like to see more of my videos don’t forget to
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Year’s Resolutions for Students Study Tips

Hello, my Socratic of friends. We’re here to help you be a great student. Here’s a personal question do you make new year’s resolutions we do both in January, and at the start of the school year, which feels like another new year, doesn’t it? It’s a great feeling, getting a fresh start and thinking about how to improve. That’s really the whole point of the series, isn’t it. So let’s talk about how to make resolutions and how to keep resolutions. First, let’s think about what makes a good resolution. I’m not going to resolve to become president of NASA that’s just not reasonable. A good resolution is one that is actually achievable with a little focused effort on your part. This should also be something that is personally important to you. Make sure your heart is really in it. I’m not personally excited by marathons so I’m not going to make a resolution to take up running my resolutions always seem to be about learning something big surprise here. Don’t make a resolution that’s vague, …

Planners for University Students 2019

Good morning everyone. So today I have something very fun that I’m looking forward to filminit is time to finally invest in a new diary for 2019 I get such a kick out of doing these things. So I’m going to take you shopping with me to find the perfect diary or planner and probably pick up a few extra organizational items. And I’m also thinking of maybe getting a few little goodies for you guys and doing a little giveaway I might do it on Instagram. So stay tuned throughout this video and I’ll let you know more details. But did you notice something different about me? Maybe, maybe not. I got new glasses finally. So if you didn’t know I actually lost my favorite pink pair of frames on the airplane. When I was coming down to Melbourne from Sydney. There was the one thing that I misplaced as I was packing up my entire life so I think I did pretty well but glasses have come to my rescue. I said me so.

many pairs of glasses I just have to show you this I have glasses drawer right now…

Mistakes First Year Med Students Make

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Major Mistakes Students Making During Graduation

About a week ago, I came across a video on my friend Kevin’s channel med school insiders called seven regrets of my 20s and watching his video got me thinking about some of my own regrets and mistakes specifically from my college career. Because by no means that I have a perfect college career. By and large, I’m happy with how things turned out. And I didn’t make any huge mistakes.t

there are definitely some things that I would have done differently if I were magically time. warped back to my freshman year. Now all that is unlikely to happen as I haven’t angered any wizards. lately. I still think that detailing these mistakes and going through what I would have done differently will be useful for other people who might be finding themselves in a similar situation in the near future including possibly you that’s because one of my most important beliefs is that you can learn just as much from the failures of others as you can from your own as long as you can call that little voice in you…